How do install Core on SSD on my Synology 918+

I followed the instructions on the Roon website to install the Roon Server on my 918+. I have the SSD’s installed on the NAS and when I created the Roon Server folder I did not see an option to install it on the SSD…only got the 2 Volumes that I currently have on the NAS. I installed it on Volume 1 since I did not see an option for the SSD.
So since Roon highly recommends installing it on the SSD, how exactly do I do this if I have two M.2 NVME SSD’s installed???

Please advise

I could be wrong…sometimes does happen :blush: but if memory serves me well the nvme drives are not usable for data, only for cache I think. You need a physical ssd in one of the drive slots, or on the USB ports.

@crieke might be the best one to confirm this.

You can double check with Synology support to see if this is still planned but check here: