How do Roon devices talk to each other?

We live in a big house and I find that devices lose connection with the core in some parts.

Is Roon using my router to communicate between core and devices or does it work independently of the wi-fi?

If it is the first I can ask my broadband provider to sort


roon is using your network (wired or WiFi). If your signal is too weak where the source device (DAC, receiver, etc.) is, you may be able to install a WiFi extender to improve the signal. Needless to say, A wired network connection is best, but a strong WiFi signal should work as well.

Thanks Akimo. I have an agreement with my broadband supplier for a strong signal throughout the house so I will take it up with them


I was getting lots of drop outs until a got a WiFi extender and plugged both my core and bridge end point into the extender with ethernet cables. The main router is on first floor but headphone setup is on second. Also my iPhone and iPads connected much faster.