How do you de-maximize Roon in Win10?

Pre 1.8 in the upper left there was a four arrow thingee you clicked to take Roon out of Maximized mode. It is gone in 1.8 and for the life of me I don’t know how to de-Roon what’s on my monitor without CtrtAltDel. Help?! or is this a bug?

Oddly I was just playing with that! Try Alt-Tab to change window. Or F11 should toggle full screen.

Alt tab didn’t work because I didn’t have another app open. F11 did work (thanks for that tip) but my listening chair interface to the PC is with an iPad cursor control. F11 is in there somewhere, but boy, I’d just like to scroll to somewhere in the app to do this, not go to Windows-level commands.

I just want my four arrow thingee or something like it back…

Are you using remote desktop?

Yes- Remote Pro. And yes, I can poke around, evoke the keyboard and get to Fll. But why did Roon take out a native de-maximize button that made lots of sense?

In the “hamburger” menu, in the drop Down, there is an option to “exit full screen”

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So that’s where it is! (I never had occasion to look at the bottom of the hamburger.) Thanks!

Sort of begs the question why not use the Roon app on the iPad for control though… or am I missing the point?

Sometimes I like the big-screen view…

Wireless keyboard?

Or - if what you want is a ‘now playing’ screen, have you explored the ‘display’ functionality of Roon?

Bottom line is - now it’s not a thingee icon, it’s Exit full screen at the bottom of the hamburger. Mystery solved.

Fair enough. I probably assumed you knew that was where it was hidden though, and you were looking for a more elegant solution! I don’t use the pc often for control - couldn’t remember how it was pre 1.8! At least the colour is so far off on my laptop that the purple bits look blue!