How do you fix this?

I have the composer tagged as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Roon shows the composer of Concerto No. 20 as Beethoven and Mozart and No. 21 as Uchida and Mozart. The credits show Beethoven and Uchida as arranges and Mozart as the composer. Consequently, I presume, the album doesn’t show up when I do a search for Mozart. Is there a way to fix this?


Select (long click) a concerto at a time. Edit Tracks/Edit Credits/Remove, search for the offending credits, and remove them.

Thanks John, what I found in the track edits was that each was “arranged” by Beethoven and Uchida respectively. There was no Composer listed, puzzled by this. I removed the arrangers through the edits and it now shows only Mozart as the composer for both pieces in the credits.

Yet when I repeat the search this album doesn’t show up. It does show up if I use Focus and filter for Mozart as composer. But this way of searching for Mozart yields 64 albums in my collection, if I just throw 'Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart" into the general search window it shows 68 albums. I would expect either method to show the same number and the same albums.

The “workaround” is to add Wolfie as a composer on each track.

An Artist search will be more restrictive than a spotlight search, but I agree, both should find your album.

Thanks again, that worked. I now have one more album when I do what I think you are calling Artist search and View Albums. I only stumbled on this due to a deep dive as I’m trying to unravel a lot of issues with my Classical collection. Seems like it could take a lot of such band-aids to get Roon to reflect better my shelf of plastic. That’s my goal.

Case in point, this album by Jordi Savall shows up twice in searches. Mozart is listed in the album credits as one of a couple dozen composers. Yet each of the 32 tracks does not show any composer. Unclear why the album appears twice or a way to fix.


Pull up one of the invocations. Do you see the word ‘Versions’ next to Track and Credits. If so, that means that Roon sees more than one version. Click on Versions to see what’s what, and delete as necessary.

Richard, if Roon has successfully IDed the album, it will “take over” the process of displaying the album. If you don’t have a composer tagged in your files, no worry: Roon already knows that Mozart’s the man from its Album IDing.

Adding a User Edit (that’s you in Roon) will modify how the album appears. But those edits will not make their way into your files.

To avoid some of the mystery of the Roon machinations, tag the albums well using a third party app (I use Metadatics on a Mac).

But if you give Roon a non-tagged or poorly-tagged album, know that mysterious and occasionally irksome things can crop up in its IDing process. The reason for that is because of the imperfect databases Roon uses.

Nice taste in music BTW. :slight_smile:

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Spot on, I’d ripped it twice.

You’ve been a big help John. I decided I’m going back and re-reading the Roon Knowledge Base in the entirety in relation to searches and tagging before going further.

I’ve walked down your road. Classical’s a b**ch, even Roon would admit that. Always happy to help.

My albums are all pretty well tagged, especially for Composer in Classical. The problem is I did this before Roon was mature and there was no Knowledge Base user manual for tagging. I did it the most logical way (to me) at the time, I tagged with the composer last name only. Because in the Classical world one things of Mozart, Beethoven, etc., not Wolfgang Amadeus or Wolfgang Korngold. Now I’m going back to try and unravel all that, except it’ll cause issues with another app I use. But I’m swallowing that bitter pill to make use of Roon.

Well, hmmm, several ways to go about this. Usually, when an album is tagged with “Mozart” Roon can make the logic leap and connect it with all the other “Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart” metadata.

So, there isn’t an absolute need to physically “correct” your tags. They just need to be correct enough for Roon to ID the album. That’s the primary goal – ID the album.

'cept I happen to have some vinyl rips, and they cannot be IDed as well. So I rely on physical tagging to get the presentation correct.

How large is your library?

My library is 1000+ albums, 15k tracks. I guess except for some (hidden) oddities like above Roon has ID’d things OK. When I ‘Focus’ on Beethoven and ‘Ludvig van B.’ it gives me a combined sum of what’s ‘Beethoven’ on my shelf. Now I have to laugh, when I search for Mr. B and ‘View Albums’ I get The Beatles (Roll Over Beethoven!).

Vinyl rips are something I’ve got on the drawing board. Good to know there’s issues. What about ‘preferring’ your tags for them instead of Roon?

One thing I would like to do merge some albums into a collection. For instance I have a set of Beethoven symphonies by The Cleveland Orch. on individual discs but I view them as a collection. I think this should be possible, just have to do some reading but if you have a tip I’m 2 ears.

Harder perhaps is that I have some multi-disc sets I’d like to merge. For instance a 7 volume set of Wolfie by Hogwood and AACM, each volume with 2-3 discs.

Find the strength to like them as is. :slight_smile: If you merge albums, you create a new entity. This MAY cause Roon to be unable to ID the new entity and if so you lose access to metadata extras. Not the worst thing in the world; but that’s a possible consequence.

Check out Import Settings under Settings/Audio.