How do you get good recommendations?

When I play a track in Tidal I can rate the track as to whether I like it or not. Tidal then creates a recommended track list based upon what I like.

I haven’t been able to find an equivalent in Roon. 99% of the recommendations I see aren’t things that I like. There seems to be no way to tell it (on my iMac) that I don’t want to hear this track, or tracks like this.

How do I get Roon recommendations to work?

You can like or “favorite” a track by clicking the heart icon:

You can then filter by your favorites.
You can “ban” a track by clicking the heart until the crossed circle comes up:

This I believe, (not entirely sure here) helps Roon decide what to recommend to you.
The ban says it makes it so that the banned track is never added to the radio.

I’d really like to know if liking a track has impact on selections for Roon Radio for local libraries.

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Interesting your question, I would also like to know which mechanisms we should use for Roon to more accurately identify our musical tastes.

So, reading up on roon vālence, is says it is an AI that looks at their database, your library, and your listening history,
You can read more here:

“Vālence lets Roon show you new releases you care about, based on your library and listening history. The more you use Roon, the better the “New Releases” will get! You can also favorite the artists you love to ensure you never miss their latest.”


That is Valence, I’m specifically interested in a local only library…no streaming services. @danny has stated the algorithm for all is different (paraphrasing, not as good) for local only stuff.

I have a friend that is all local too, no streaming. We have an ongoing debate on the usefulness of Roon Radio. I claim it does a pretty good job of finding me similar stuff to what last played and stuff in MY collection I like. He is not a thrilled with it. He says he never “likes” a track/album. I do a lot. We are wondering if the Heart plays a part in that. We have very similar tastes and a VERY similar local library.

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I have about 17,000 tracks across about 1200 albums, all locally ripped or downloaded files. I listen to both albums and tracks, but don’t use playlists and have never “hearted” anything in Roon. I also don’t use any streaming service, so Valence may not even be an option for me according to what I have read from Danny (all-local libaries use a simpler algorithm apparently).

That said, Roon says I have 21 major Genres identified covering every decade from the '50s to music released last week. Roon Radio does a great job of creating random music selections that play many deep tracks I haven’t listened to in ages, and identifying new pieces or songs and helps me explore my library. I believe it comes down to the more you listen, the more Roon generates to build a decent profile of your content and habits.

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