How do you handle sorting and organizing your music?

Roon ARC brought me back to Roon but I’m running into an issue in it’s sorting and organizing functions, particularly for listening to new music and sorting into appropriate playlists.

I’ll say off the top, I’m currently dealing with 100% local music files, so this isn’t about streaming integration.

The challenge I’m having is that in my current system, which started with iTunes decades ago, involves throwing all new music I’m interested in into a single “New Music” playlist. Then over time, adding star ratings to help identify what music needed to be added to appropriate playlists, and what needed to be removed. This is in part because I mostly listen to music moving around, so a quick star rating is easy to add and then I can come back later to the computer and re-listen and sort.

This is also nice because if I get sick of a song, I can give it “1 star” and then easily identify and remove it from all playlists.

I know that Roon doesn’t have stars, only has love/banned. And as I’ve been searching the forum and googling, it seems to have fairly limited playlist functionality? So here’s my question:

**1) When listening to new music, how do you identify what you liked or loved? When you get sick of a song, how do you easily remove it from say 6 playlists (without searching through all the playlists the song might be in?) **

2) How do you handle your music organisation? Is it playlists? Or are most users listening to albums and taking the Alice in Wonderland approach with their listening?

Obviously, I’m very open to a new method of music identifying and sorting and I like much of Roon’s functionality (even if I’m a dinosaur who likes all his music on local files, in large part because I travel remotely very often). But it seems weirdly that Roon doesn’t do a good job of allowing you to create your own tags like many other music players? I’m guessing I’m just missing something. Thanks!

Roon DOES have tags!

Your other questions:

To hate a cut, click the Heart twice. It will turn into a crossed out circle.

Roon has stars too, but only at the Album level.

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I also have a history with Apple Music and used Smart Playlists there.
To get a similar solution in Roon i am using Tags in combination with Focus (filtering) and Bookmarks to store the result. In this way i am able to to have kind of dynamic “playlists” where one song is added/removed to one or several playlist by updating the tags for the actual track. I also use Last Played when filtering to get rotation in the songs being played.
To check out new music that i have added to my library i use a combination of Tags and Genres using Focus and saved as Bookmark. This gives me me kind of a radio feeling based on known and unknown tracks.
Using the radio function in Roon has not met my expectations to find new music since it is repetitive and sometimes picks Tidal/Qobuz over my own local tracks.
To feed my library with new songs i use the Daily Mixes in Tidal which is quite good and easy to add tracks to both Tidal and Roon in one mouse click.

Note: ARC does as of now not support Bookmarks nor Focus. The adding of tags is not as easy to use as on the main app/PC. To adress this i create playlist from my bookmarks and use these in ARC when on the go.

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