How do you know if identified album is matched in Roon

I just did a small test against 17 albums that were organized one folder per album but had no metadata. When added to Roon about half were successfully identified and half were not.

I then ran them through my SongKong tagger and it identified all 17 albums and added metadata (artist, album, label etc), now all albums are shown as identified in Roon.

What I’m unclear of is if the newly identified albums have actually now been matched to an album that Roon knows about because after running through SongKong it had more metadata to work with, or if they are just identified in the sense that SongKong has now provided the necessary metadata so they can be displayed nicely in Roon but arent actually matched to an album in Roon.

Can you differentiate between these two cases of identified in the UI ?
Or does identified mean it has been matched to a release in Roon, in whih case what would it do with an album that had valid metadata but was not currently in Roon database ?

If it’s not marked as unidentified Roon had matched it to its metadata sources.

Ah got it, found that one of the albums was still showing as unidentified even though looked okay. Good to see Roon understood the Label, Country, Catno, Barcode and the main performers fields added by SongKong then.

@paultaylor I have about 600 classical albums unidentified in Roon. There are a few reasons for this but mainly, pre Roon, i broke albums to reflect Works, e.g. if the Album was titled “Mozart Symphony #41, Brahms Flute Sonata #11”, i’d make two Albums - one with the Mozart work and one with the Brahms work. Today in ROON, the Mozart work is identified because the Album title is correct but the Brahms piece is not. To have it id’ed i need to change the album title back to Mozart Sym… In ROON, this is ok, because it recognizes the works and separates them, i.e. the Brahms work will appear under the Composer J Brahms.

My question is, how do you get SongKong to look at the unidentified albums and help them become id’ed? In Roon i can focus on them. In my HHD directory, they are all over the place.

Hi, so for Roon you want your songs organized - one album per folder. So if SongKong can identify the files and work out they are from same album then if you enable Rename Files from metadata you can get them back in one folder that will help Roon. Because these days most recordings can appear on multiple albums and you dont any longer have all files from one album in same folder Songkong may correctly identify song but wrong album. In such case you may need to manually fix album field and then rename filename from metdata, you could use Jaikoz or probably Mp3tag to do this.