How do you merge artists?

Could you please tell me how it is possible to merge artists? I’ve been looking for this for ages. Thanks.

Go to the Artists screen, select the artists you want to merge (two-finger click on MacOS) and a bar appears across the screen. On the right there is the Merge Artists button.

… press and hold / long press to select on a tablet.

Has this functionality changed? I no longer get the option to merge artists when doing the multiselect on the artist search result.

It will work but the artists have to be in your library. Not so easy to determine from a general search.

Ok, but the ones selected in the screendump are all in my library. Or at least they point to albums which are in my library.

Did you try it from the Artist View as opposed to the search results?

Only the search. Only one of them appears on the artist screen, and I am guessing this is because the other two are only credited on the albums.

So I think you can only merge if more than one shows up in your Artist View. The search results show Matt Elliott in his various incarnations as performer, composer, band member, etc.

Alright, I guess I have to accept that explanation. Thanks for following up with me.

Nagging to Roon team: The other Matt Elliot(t)s should maybe not be listed under the field Artists in the search results, if they are not considered as such by the metadata?

I agree, the algorithm used to parse the metadata certainly needs some work.

You should be able to merge artists in your library from the general search screen whether or not they occur in artist view.

Here I discover that I have 2 Vernel Fourniers, one misspelled. As a jazz drummer he does not appear as a primary artist and does not appear in my artist browser.
Nevertheless I am able to merge.

On your screenshot, you have not toggled the Only show my library switch. If you do that, which artists are left?

(The above, which I think is the intended behaviour, is not always true. I have had situations where it doesn’t seem to work)