How do you place your speakers on/around your desk for listening while working?


I want to get a decent HiFi sound on my working desk which also has 2 x 27" display monitors and I’m wondering where to place the speakers.

What does everyone else do?

I’m thinking maybe speaker stands and some bookshelves in each corner of the desk?

Or maybe mount them a couple of feet away on a wall at head height?

Any experiences /ideas welcome :slight_smile:

Here is my office setup (DAC has been upgraded since though)!

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Nice, very nice.

Yes I quite like the idea of bookshelves on stands.


I’ve seen these used to great effect iro getting height, resonance etc. sorted.


I had smaller speakers before, standing on corners on a bigger desk. Replacing the desk with a smaller one, and putting the speakers on stand, gave a nice SQ boost. And yes, the IsoAcoustics stands are nice.

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Here is my simple home office setup. MacBook as roon remote and KEF LSX active speakers on stands. Sounds excellent to my ears.



Are these for the floor or to actually go on the desk?

Not for floor, but can be placed on desk or stand (speakers on stand will still sound better). You can see the aluminium version of the IsoAcoustics in my picture.

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On the desk works fine. A friend has active ATC bookshelves resting on these in his study and they sound great, even managed to produce a decent sound stage.

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I use Audience ClairAudient ‘The ONE’ loudspeakers, supplemented with dual REL T/5i’s configured in stereo, to great effect.

I have the loudspeakers on wedge stands that point them directly at my ears. In fact, I added extra foam wedges, under the factory provided wedges, to get the optimal angle. See the Oct. '13 TAS review, by Steven Stone, for more details on the ideal desktop orientation for these particular speakers. If you have a deeper (front to back) desk than what I have, the extra wedges may not be necessary. In fact, if you have more desktop real estate available than I do, the previously mentioned IsoAcoustics stands might be perfect.

The Ones are very compact, so with my monitor raised to eye height, and despite the stacked wedges, the backs of the speakers are directly under the left and right sides of the monitor. Otherwise I’d be sitting too close to them due to the small desk (or, if I had the room on my desk, they would be further apart than is ideal for imaging).

This set up yields a fabulous sound stage. In fact, it’s (unexpectedly) close to being on par with my main system, just in a much smaller scale.

I like using single driver loudspeakers for near field set ups, as it avoids any possibility that I would be too close to multi-driver loudspeakers to allow the drivers to integrate and sound coherent. With the single driver, and no crossover, the coherence and transparency is superb.

The RELs are on the floor, to the left and right sides of my desk. The T/5is are sealed with down-firing 8" drivers, which are fast enough to keep up with The Ones, at least to my ears.

(I don’t have any association or relationship with Audience. I’m just a happy customer)

Nice speaker stands.

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