How Do You Use Internet Radio

(Jason P) #3

Click on Internet Radio I don’t see that.Where exactly do I find it ?

(Greg Stratton) #4

Click on the 3 bars on the top left of the screen. It’s below Artist, Albums, Works, etc.

Cheers, Greg

(Brian Luczkiewicz) #5

Updated the doc to make that more clear.

(Jason P) #6

I’m on Mac Mini using iPad. I see Internet radio on the screen that Roon is running on but it does not show up on on the the iPad app?

(Jason P) #7

Ok thanks.Forgot will have to wait for the update on the app side.Thanks

(TJ) #8

Does anyone know how to add KCSM? I enter the correct streaming url ( and Roon v1.2 posts an error message “could not find a radio station at this url”. What am I doing wrong?

(Brian Luczkiewicz) #9

That is a web-based player, not the actual radio stream. You can find the right one here, in KCSM’s FAQ at the very bottom.

(scott mathews) #10

Love it so far. Thanks so much!

(TJ) #11

Won’t accept KDFC either (, same error message…

(TJ) #12

thanks Brian, got it… terrific!

(Chris ) #13

Can you add images to the radio stations?

(kevin) #14

@Chrislayeruk Yup – you can change the image when you add the station, or after you’ve added it. Right click the station, click Edit from the selection menu, and drag and drop your image for the station.

(Ronald Lyster) #15

I was hoping to get a few news and talk stations to play… but it appears that only music stations are available…

(Mike) #16

Any station that streams in MP3 or AAC format should work @Ronald_Lyster, including many news and talk stations.

There are a number of stations listed here, but let us know what you’re looking for and we can look into it.


(Chris ) #17

I found links to all the BBC national stations herehere
Including getting local bbc radio streams that work.

(Ronald Lyster) #18

I tried perhaps a dozen stations from Tunein. All of the music stations worked fine, but none of the talk stations worked. I’ve looked over the list and don’t see anything local to Southern California (where I live).

(Mike) #19

Can you give us a few examples?

(Ronald Lyster) #20

Would love to… but now Roon won’t connect! That’s never happened before, but now it’s happening repeatedly.

What I was going to do was go to and pick a few of the stations listed there. That’s what I did a few hours ago - and couldn’t get any of them (those that I tried - and I tried 5 or 6) to work.

I am still down. Tried re-booting everything - Server, endpoints, controllers… even the router. Roon 1.2 will connect after 30 seconds and will - almost always - immediately lose its connection and try reconnecting, only to lose its connection again. Occasionally (every 10-20 cycles like this) the desktop will display for a short (5 - 15 seconds) period, and then Roon will again lose it’s connection. No music is a bummer. Can someone help? I’ve posted a message on the support forum here too…

(Nicholas Hyde) #21

Love streaming radio-but how do I view which song and artisit r being played?

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