How does scrobbling behave with multiple users?

I have scrobbling set up on both user profiles on my Roon Core, but the two users (1. Myself/Licensee, 2. Wife) have different accounts tied to their profiles.

Hi, I’m interested to know the answer to this, but also to add another (related question) - as someone who has come to Roon from Logitech Media Server (LMS), I have what may be a feature request …

LMS allowed one to specify per player scrobbling - so I could scrobble my kids’ music separately from my (infinitely superior :wink: ) own music, and not have the two appearing in the same profile.

As far as I can tell, Roon only allows scrobbling per server instance, not on a user or player basis. Can anyone feed in on whether this could be implemented?

Last.FM scrobbling in Roon is at the profile level, so different people in your home should be able to scrobble to different Last.FM accounts.

You can log in by clicking the little pencil on your profile, in the profile picker.

Hi there

thanks for replying, and apologies for the delay on my part in responding, I’ve been travelling. I suppose that this behaviour makes perfect sense for adults - but as it relies on my (5 and 7 year old) children in choosing their profile when controlling their player, personally, given the choice, I’d prefer a more ‘locked down’ way of addressing it (i.e. specify that a specific player is not scrobbled or scrobble players to specific accounts.

Another option that a LMS plug in gave was to exclude a certain genre from being scrobbled, thereby preventing public shaming… So for example I could exclude the genre ‘Children’ to mitigate the worst scrobble-shaming…!