How does Roon integrate with Tidal under the hood?


I couldn’t find any information on how Roon integrates with services like TIDAL. I couldn’t find any official API from Tidal, neither for streaming nor for access to the content like playlists,likes,mixes or song metadata. So, how does Roon integrate with streaming services? Is it based on some contract between roon and say Tidal and some unofficial API access? I would assume this is core business for Roon, so it cannot be hacked on top of some unofficial library that can stop working any time.


I would have thought it more likely that there’s an official API that has to be licensed and is subject to some pretty strict APIs.

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The get a daily full database dump from Tidal and Qobuz. They don’t use the APIs in Roon because they are not powerful and fast enough for what Roon does. (The only place that is just via API as far as I know are the Browse > Tidal/Qobuz sections.

The requirement of full database access is also why only Tidal and Qobuz are available in Roon and not the other streaming services, who so far didn’t want to play ball

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Database of what - files or metadata? Does it them mean whenever one ‘streams’ from Tidal, streams from Roon’s infrastructure for example, and any infrastructure improvement, like CDN won’t take any effect on Roon?

Whatever is in the Tidal database, I would guess mostly album and track IDs (as the bios and reviews come from TiVo/Wikipedia and most (all?) of the credits and similar metadata apparently comes from TiVo and MusicBrainz), but the music streaming is directly from Tidal