How does Roon update?

NUC with ROCK.

How do I update roon? Does it updated automatically?
Enclosed a screenshot of the Roon status.

Roon will notify you if there is an update available in the app. You agree it updates.

When there is an update posted you will see a pop up telling you so and inviting you to update. You will also see a post in this forum.

In my case Windows but then you need to make sure iOS or Android or both has updated , that’s normally automatic in my case.

Its pretty seamless . It only happens a couple of times a year anyway …

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I find that when I go to Settings>About (the screen you show above) Roon checks to see if I have the latest version. If I don’t have the latest version, going to the screen normally initiates the update. Then, as others said, I get the blue box that says updates are available.
One other thing, your iOS updates may take a day or two to update after the Windows/OSX updates. I think the iOS versions have to go through Apple App Store approval, which causes a delay.

When I access the “About Roon” screen on my Nucleus, I find two gear icons by my device and the core. When I click on them, I have options to either automatically install updates or to have Nucleus prompt me before updating. Perhaps that’s a feature of Nucleus that NUC/Rock doesn’t have. Otherwise, as other posters have suggested, you’ll get prompted to do an update.

Nope it’s a feature of any version of Roon server I have used.

I just wonder why the OP doesn’t have the gear icons that I have in order to select update options.

The update options are not available in my iPad remote controlling a Rock/NUC server either. It seems that it is different for the Nucleus server though.
I wanted Roon to “Ask before downloading any update” rather than “Automatically” updating. I inquired here and the only solution was to install an instance of Roon Control (talking to the Rock server) on my desktop PC where the update options are indeed available.

No, it’s the same. The difference is that the gearwheel option selector is present in the Roon UI on PCs/Macs, but not on iPad/Android/iOS.

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Yep only on pc Mac remotes. It is odd though like DSP not being on anything other than pc to. The remotes should all have the same functionality in my opinion.

Not sure what you mean about DSP only being available on a PC. I have full access to it from my iPad.

Uploading filters for convolution can only be done on a computer. Also phone apps are limited in DSP options.

That’s true but I’m not aware of any other functions that can’t be remotely done from an iPad. The phone interface is so limited I find it unusable so I don’t even try.

No that’s about it that can’t be done.

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