How Does Roon Work with Tidal

Does Roon play only Tidal songs I have selected or does Discover also use Tidal’s library ?

I don’t believe the Discover feature shows any Tidal tracks you have not already favorited. I have suggested having the Discover feature show Tidal tracks you don’t already have favorited as a way of finding new music but not sure if that’s going to happen. But if you go to an artist and look at the similar, followed, influenced, and associated with section, that will take you other artists showing all the Tidal albums and tracks.

Or if you search for an artist, it will show local results and then have a link to more results on Tidal. Within any artist, you see Main Albums you have favorited already or own and then the additional Tidal albums. Once you favorited an album, it’s almost like it’s part of your local collection. You can then use the focus feature to drill down but country, record label, genre/sub-genre, year, and whatever other options there are.

Also, you can play any Tidal track available without adding it to your collection. They have the Tidal section listing new, recommended, and top 20. There’s also a collection feature that auto favorites a bunch of Tidal albums based on genre. If you don’t want a bunch of random albums showing up in Favorites in Tidal, don’t use this feature. The advantaged of using this feature is they become part of your collection and can be filtered like the rest of your albums. That can help find new discoveries.

There’s talk of tighter integration, not sure what that involves but look forward to any new features.

Thks Mike for the detailed explanation. I also think this feature would be a major plus to finding what you like on Tidal.