How does the HDMI output on the Roon Core work?

The Roon Core setup on a NUC has a HDMI output.

So if the HDMI goes into an AVR, how does the App control the audio to get to the AVR?

As the Roon Core NUC can give out the audio from the HDMI, but how does the AVR get controlled?
Is it via CEC?

Thanks in advance

Is your device at the end of the HDMI cable Roon Ready ?

Yes it will be, so do you tell the setup its coming into the end point via HDMI? Which then means the roon ready part of the AVR is not being used ?

But it wont work with a non Roon endpoint as nothing to switch on, move to that hdmi input and control volume etc?

I believe that devices need to be Certified by Roon as “Roon Ready”, to control the volume. Check the Roon site to make sure your device is listed: What does Roon work with?

Here was a clip from an article I saw regarding volume control:

So there is no point of using the HDMI output on the Roon Core NUC then?

I have HDMI from Nuc/Rock to my receiver for Multi-channel playback. The Nuc provides the signal to the receiver like any other HDMI connected device and you control the receiver as you would for any other playback, with the receiver remote or universal remote.

Using HDMI is much the same as using USB from a NuC it will see the AVR as a DAC . If you have Roon Ready AVR it will bypass this as Roon Ready is over network connection not direct connection. HDMI output allows the playback of Multichannel music to AVRs and sound processors.

Novice question: Let’s say I setup Roon core on a NAS with HDMI, and connect that to my AVR. No other devices (endpoints) in the system.

  1. Does this imply that the NAS is now both Roon server and endpoint?

  2. Will the NAS/Roon be able to send a full range of audio options (stereo, multichannel, pcm, dsd, MQA, Atmos, DD+, …) over that HDMI connection?

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