How does volume work on the Powernode N330?


Right now I have system that consists of a pair of active speakers and a separate preamp. Roon is set to “volume disabled”. I control the volume on my preamp, with “100%” volume output from my Roon endpoint.

If I purchase a Powernode, and connect it to a pair of passive speakers, I’m not quite sure how the volume will work in Roon. Do I have to use the BluOS app to control volume?


You can set the volume from within Roon (Volume control: Device Volume). Done

Not a very useful answer I’m afraid.

Does the Roon volume control the unit itself or only Roon? If you set your amplifier to zero volume, the volume settings in Roon would do nothing to the output. And I’m quite sure that output below 100% in Roon is not bit perfect. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Absolutely correct answer, actually. Device volume
Roon controls Node’s volume, output is stilll bit-perfect.

If you move the volume slider in Roon, you can see the volume indicator moving on the Powernode.

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Works the same way any amp does, the volume can be controlled digitally but is applied in the analogue domain. The preamp section is available for Roon to control the volume. All Roon Ready amps allow volume control without harming bit perfect.

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Thank you for your thorough reply. That was very useful for me.

Are you overall satisfied with your Powernode? I’m considering a purchase to replace an old surround receiver, that we use for our television connected via hdmi. We only use the stereo out anyway, so it would serve two useful purposes for us, as we could use it as our main hifi + tv sound.


Thank you for clarifying!


You’re welcome!

It’s fine. You can definitely find something that is slightly better for the same money but it will not necessarily be audible, and BluOS (when it works) is quite convenient. Built-in bass management is nice, too. I would not necessarily select it for a main critical listening setup, but for anything else it’s quite decent.

If you don’t need all the power Powernode has, you might also consider Powernode Edge. Cheaper, smaller, and supposedly measures a bit better, just does not have as much output power.

In your case though, if your old receiver is good enough as a power amp, you may also consider just Node, and send analog out to your receiver as well.

I bought one today. I encounter a digital click every time I change album (sample rate) and source. Do you have that experience too?

Hmm. I am not sure about changing the source, I run all Powernodes from Roon 99% of the time, but I do not think I’ve heard any clicking when switching tracks, even between different resolutions…

Ok. Thanks,

Hey, I know this is a somewhat old post but yes I’ve had an ongoing case with BlueSound support since January with the same issue. In my case, it’s a click/thump elicited by my subwoofer each time the sample rate changes or source changes. The issue isn’t prevalent with the sub disconnected. BlueSound support have acknowledged after much unnecessary back and forth that it is a known issue that they are hoping to have a resolution for in due course. I’m not holding my breath due to the 2 month ordeal where they wouldn’t ack there was an issue and then, to throw their hands up and admit it is dreadful IMO. I am learning to live with the annoying thud but I deeply regret purchasing my PowerNode now.

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