How Exactly Do Links In Artist Biographies Work?

How exactly do links in artist biographies work? Clearly they only link to items in your library (in some sort of dynamic way as you never see a dead end link!), or that is what I thought, but some artist bios don’t include links to items I know are in my Library. For example, looking at Lisa Gerrard’s bio does not show links to Hans Zimmer (multiple library entries) or the Gladiator Soundtrack or anything actually. Somewhat bizarrely, Lisa’s bio does not even link to Dead Can Dance or other artists involved. The Main Albums shown below all seem present and correct, it is just the bio that is somewhat lacking.
I find the biography links to be very interesting and make for some interesting discoveries through my music library. I have noticed the lack of links issue before but always put it down to my previous installation of Roon. Now I am fully ROCK’ed up however with everything indexed so I’m wondering where the issue lies and what I can do to fix it.

@Anthony_B Hi Tony. First, the links are provided to us as part of the biographies, so it’s purely down to the biography author to choose which links (s)he puts into the piece. Second, the links do go outside of your own imported library. Finally, which is not what you want to hear, at the moment the bios are not editable.

Hi Joel,

many thanks; so presumably they don’t get paid by the link then! Clearly some incentive is needed to build up the links.I don’t recall clicking on any link that didn’t take me to another artist or album within my Roon library (which is why I thought they were dynamic in some way and built on the fly by Roon - now there is an idea?) but can understand if you are a Tidal subscriber this would be what might be needed.
Can’t imagine me wanting to edit most bios, but it may be useful for the more marginal artists and groups that are not well served by what Roon provides out of the box.