How exactly to Focus outside personal library with Roon 1.8?

I am probably missing something but using Focus in My Artists and My Albums screens is only limited to what is added to my library it seems.

I though it should somehow be possible to extend the Focus outside library? Like to get all albums from year 1986 of synth pop subgenre? Or to get all artists from Finland playing death metal?

I subscribe to Tidal and have it linked to Roon correctly. Thanks in advance for clarifying this to me, much appreciated!


I just want to +1 this question. For music discovery I want Roon to look beyond my own library, and into Tidal. How is this possible?

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You need to start with an artist’s discography, and they you can search into items you don’t have. You can’t simply start with the entire Tidal catalogue or even a genre.

I would guess that a “global focus” feature could be implemented, but (and this is entirely a guess on my part) it would likely take hours to sort through the millions of albums that Tidal and Qobuz have before you would get an answer back.

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if seems like you should be able to Focus something similar to this: Genres–>Classical–>Opera–>Tidal—>MQA—>Complete Works.

but alas…

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I’ve tried to navigate to Within Temptation’s Discography but only see several tens of their albums, EPs and singles to focus on… but nothing more (well, except some two random appearances).

Is that really it?

With Tidal, I see 69 albums, 20 singles at EPs, and them corroborations with Rick James, Rod Stewart, etc. and then 158 compilation appearances. Then you can use Focus to sort through them all however you want (composer, label, etc.).

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Thank you very much for clarifying!

That’s a bummer though. I thought this should have been one of the major selling points of 1.8… but in the end is only a relatively minor improvement with limited potential.