How I can find my favorite electronic tracks? It works very strange for me

Does the Live At Blues Alley album show the Electronic genre in your library?

I just added this Tidal album to my library (which does not show the Electronic genre for me), favorited a few tracks from it, …

… and they don’t show up for me in My Tracks with Electronic and :purple_heart:

@Wojtulek, as this does not appear to be technical support issue, I recategorized your post under the Roon Software Discussion category. Other users such as @Suedkiez can assist with your question.

If this becomes a technical support request, we can re-categorize it then.

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Roon doesn’t support track level genres. According to the developers this was a design choice. So it’s difficult to understand the results you’re getting. The only way I can figure it is the first two tracks are singles in your library. The Eva Cassidy album must be incomplete and erroneously tagged as Electronic. Only way I can see this happening. I’m curious to see what is causing this.


For me everything looks - OK. I mean - its not electronic music for sure :slight_smile:
I switched from Polish to English recently… No idea but maybe its sth releated ?

Roon genres are hierarchical. If you select a higher level genre, the sub genres are included. You can edit the hierarchy if you want


Whaaat… For sure - let me check

For me Eva is rather Clubjazz than suggested Pop/Rock and for sure she was not an electronic music artist :frowning:
OK - Clubjazz removek and:

So I have to selekt getter genra - where is such hierarchy I can check - in focus?

You can go to Focus > Genres, then click on View More and you will see the top level genres as menus. Open them to see the hierarchies.

You can also go the the sidebar > Genres, where you can also see the top level genres. Click a genre to open it and see its subgenres. Click again to go deeper into the hierarchy. For every genre you can click the Edit button …

and there you can choose if a genre is at the top level or whether it is a subgenre under another genre


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