How I Got Roon ARC Working Again

Today, when I was getting ready to walk Lucy, my dog, Roon ARC would not play anything and said poor connection when connected to my router. So, I tried the following:

Reset Roon ARC - nothing
Rebooted Roon Nucleus - nothing
Rebooted iPhone 13 Pro Max - nothing
Started walking Lucy - music started playing as soon as phone connected by cellular
Returned home - music stopped when reconnected to WIFI
Rebooted U-Verse router - music playing again


Clearly Lucy has learned a trick or two about Roon and router settings to get her walks sorted :slight_smile:.
Smart dog.


You can also try this:

Go into ARC Settings on your phone, scroll to the bottom, and hit Reset Roon ARC. That has worked for me and other people.

That was the first thing I tried. Didn’t help in my situation, but it would in others. It just depends on what the issue is.

I’m getting a ‘poor connection’ message every time I try to connect to Arc. I’ve tried doing all the resets including the reset arc in settings. I’m getting the same message up. Can anyone help?

I have exactly the same problem as you, tried everything and nope, nothing helps. And now it’s getting worse, it doesn’t even connect the app with my roon server, when before at least it connected to the server, but if I left the house and try to run arc from anywhere else, it doesn’t work.

And before you ask, yep I double and triple check that in my roon app, I get the blue checkmark that my server and network are roon arc ready, but it’s incredibly difficult, if not impossible to find good troubleshooting tips or guides for this app and there’s hardly any support at all.

You need to start your own thread in the Roon Support category. Roon Support does not monitor any other categories. Also, there are only 4 support people, I believe, so it might take several days to get a response. In the meantime, other knowledgeable Roon customers will try to help you.

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Thanks, will do that.

Arc is designed to be used off site. The server is sending that steam out of your house via the router. But you are on the same network as the router.

The outcome is usually, no, it won’t work. Same for trying the vpn to your house whilst on the lan.

ARC works on the LAN just fine and in this case doesn’t require working port forwarding on the router either.


It can work on lan but as this thread demonstrates it’s not a given depending on your router.

This is an old thread. Roon ARC works very well now over WIFI at home or cellular away from home. That said, I don’t use Roon ARC at home, I use Roon.

It might not if the router blocks things on the inside, which would be very unusual though possible, but in any case it’s certainly not like this….

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I have just downloaded arc again and in fairness it does load on my lan, but selecting an album to play particularly tidal ones, is far from nippy. Some might even say dog slow.

Downloading your albums is still a mediocre experience. Happy to blame apple for that though, its not much more fun in plex.

I’ll uninstall it again!

It got worse a month or so ago. Ot works fine for half an hout and then it starts saying that it didn’t see the core for the last 6 minutes and it stops working. At the end of the day it would work again.
Wifi is switched off. I don’t know what happened to Arc. Hope it will be fixed soon.

My arc was basically unusable until I set up my Nuc Rock. No connection problems now and zippy.

Wonder what has changed.
Now it is working perfectly again while I haven’t been even close to my core.
And once it works I am still amazed at how good Arc is. I never bothered listening to music while commuting but now this changed my train-life :grin: