How I´m using Roon with VST plugins

Hi all!

I really like Waves NX headphones virtualization VST plugin so, after some different tests and different parameters configurations in all programs related -including tests with ASIO4ALL-, most of them with really bad results, I mean poor audio or not stable at all in my system -clicks & pops-, this is the best way I´ve find so far to make it work properly with Roon.

My DAC is a Dragonfly Red and Roon Core runs in a Win 10 HP Waves PC (i5-8g Ram-SSD hd)

Let´s go:

Roon playback (only Tidal Hifi in my case) -DSP upsample to 96 kHz to avoid problems with non 44.1 kHz Tidal songs, MQA- >

Roon Output to ASIO IN Voicemeeter program (set to 96 kHz and 1024 latency)

Hermannseib VST Host program inserted in Voicemeeter, prefader and also set to 96 kHz and 1024 latency, with Waves NX plugin loaded in it.

At least for now and for me, it works and sounds as it should, really good

May be someone would find it useful.

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