How is the Nexus 9 as a Roon remote?

How is the Nexus 9 as a remote?
I am looking at getting a dedicated tablet for roon and as I know nothing of Android and it’s devices I am groping in the dark at the moment.

Don’t know about the Nexus 9, but I got the Galaxy S2 for the exact same purpose and it does a pretty good job.

Hi Ged

I bought the Nexus 9 especially as a remote for Roon and it works perfectly.

I did so because my Galaxy Tab 3 didn’t work with Roon because it wasn’t supported due to the Intel Chipset.
Today, the Intel based Tabs are supported now and I would use my Galaxy Tab 3 and not buy another Tablet.
If you want to buy new, the Nexus 9 works like a charm. I would go bigger as 9 inch, though.

I’ve got a Nexus 9 – it’s acceptable.

I have a Nexus 9, and I much prefer my iPad Air 2. Touch target issues for me in particular.

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I also use a Nexus 9. It’s a great Android tablet, but Roon runs smoother on the iPads

I’m using an “old” Google Nexus 10 (Samsung made) and it lacks of "horse power with Roon, a little slow.
I’m also interested in recommandations about the best Android or IOS tablet (model and size) to get the best user experience from Roon.

Its runs ok on the Nexus 9, but very smooth on the Pixel C and the screen is far better on the Pixel C, so the graphics shine.

It will do fine. Problem is that the Nexus 9 is not without troubles, especially on the performance front. Google pulled it from the stores this week.

If you have the budget it would be better to reach for the Pixel. You can get a 15% discount straight away from Google:


Think thats 25%, rather than 15 :slight_smile: