How Long Does It Take For Liked Albums To Appear In Roon?

Of course most of the time I use Roon itself to browse and add albums to my library. But, as I’ve commented before, Roon doesn’t have the capability to browse record labels, which is one of my most common ways of finding new music to listen to. (All labels have their own sound and vibe, and if I like one artist on a label there’s a good chance I’ll like others.)

For this I have to use the Qobuz app. But it seems to take some time for anything I add to the library in Qobuz to appear in my Roon albums view and become available for playing. After adding five albums yesterday evening, I checked after one hour and they were still not in Roon; this morning, they are there.

Does anyone know what the actual timeframe is; whether I can do anything to speed it up (I tried quitting the app but to no effect; I didn’t trying quitting and restarting the Core, but I’d really rather not have to do that every time); and whether anything is being done to speed this up. Is there a way to make Roon re-scan my Qobuz library in the same way it can re-scan my local library?


I don’t use Qobuz but in Tidal there is a manual sync button that speeds this up.
It does rely on the album having been sent to Roon, which has become a Tidal issue recently.

On Tidal it is in the left menu under Tidal and looks like this. See if there is an option under your Qobuz menu.

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As @Michael_Harris mentioned if “the files” have been sent to Roon updates of likes are almost instantaneous. If the likes aren’t appearing you could try a resync as below otherwise it’s a waiting game for a day or two.


Where can I find this browse by label feature in the Qobuz app? Is this just on the desktop or in the Qobuz player in the browser? Can’t find this in the Qobuz phone app. Thank you.

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I don’t use the web browser, but it’s available on desktop and mobile. Click the ellipsis then click ‘See the label.’

Thanks, Paul - this worked great.

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Got it. Thanks very much

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