How many albums fit in the iPad Pro display?

I was wondering if the iPad Pro could be a stylish replacement for my Control-10.

How many albums across and down does it display ?

Do you find it an adequate interface for scrolling, browsing and choosing music to play?

Two rows of four across = 8 albums displayed when album view is selected.

I don’t have the Pro, but the iPad Air 2 will show 6 across and 3 down, if you “Allow for more covers and photos” under Settings > General.

Hope that helps a bit.

Cheers, Greg

In Settings/General if I select “Yes” for “Allow for more covers and photos” I get 6 x 3 on a Mini.

As andybob suggests, with that setting, you get the same 6x3 on the Pro.

Should be able to get more on the iPad Pro. Maybe 7 X 3 like on a monitor.

Roon on the iPad Pro currently does not take advantage of more pixels. This will be fixed in the next build.

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The current Control 10 UI displays 6x3 so I wouldn’t be losing much (and probably would be gaining a stylish touchscreen that is more reliable and uses less electricity).

Well, the Control 10 has a big screen! iPad Pro is much smaller – more covers are one thing, but either way, the covers and text will be smaller I bet. :frowning:

However, the iPad Pro is mobile, more family friendly, and can be used in your hands, so you hold it closer to your face when you can’t read.

The biggest factor in my opinion is that Sooloos lacks the love and expertise to really grow the product on anything but the audio side in a really meaningful way.

How many rows across and down are showing on a 12,9 inch Ipad pro, with the latest builds of Roon, and Roon set to show more covers ?

I see 7x4 in landscape and 7x7 in portrait (!) With the show more option

5x3 and 5x5 without the show more option

Wait a minute. Portrait on the iPad. Is that supported now?? The iOS app store is still showing v1.1 102, which is what I have been running, and it does not do Portrait.

I think Danny might be using / testing 1.2

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I figured that. Looking forward to 1.2.