How many Albums/Tracks do you have?


I am curious to know how many Albums/tracks you have in your library (with and without streaming services)

I have 65.000 tracks in my own library and 221.000 tracks (incl. Tidal and Qobuz).

How many tracks has the average user?

Here: 42892 FLACs + 5172 TIDAL

Here: 20,600 local tracks and 17,193 Qobuz tracks.

roughly 270,000 tracks and 21,000 albums some are tidal but not a huge number - ~6000/450 respectively

Zero local tracks.

151,000 tracks AND 33,000 albums. Been building my library for a few days…

Just built an EliteDesk 800 G2 i7 mini computer, 8 GB, 256 GB M2. Screams, no sound in room. Attached an 8TB external.

Are you people just adding every album ever recorded? I only add albums I like. If it’s something I haven’t heard, I will listen to it, then add it if I like it. Nobody can listen to 33,000 albums.

111,396 Local Tracks (contained in 8083 albums), mostly FLAC. 99% ripped from CDs (that I still have). Don’t use any streaming services with Roon.

EDIT: 2,271 artists (album artists). This doesn’t count the one-off artists appearing on compilations, etc. (if these are counted, I have 15,800 artists.)


The people in the house all have different musical tastes. Google Home Minis in multiple locations.

Motorcycles and music, also I am setting it up for the future when I retire in 5 years. Digitizing take time.

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I have approximately 80000 tracks from 6500 or so albums. Mainly ripped from CD . I haven’t added a streaming service yet but most likely Qobuz at the moment…

64,000 albums, 942,000 tracks. 111,600 tracks are on my NAS, the rest via Qobuz.

I explore a lot what Qobuz offers. If I find something I like, I add everything they have for that artist, figuring if I don’t like a track, I can delete it. I mostly listen in the shuttle mode (probably 98%+ of the time) and in 6-7 months have only deleted about 6-8 songs. There are days I have added several thousand albums. Some people hoard physical objects, I hoard music. I guess both are sicknesses, but mine takes up way less space!!

According to the Roon overview I have 4484 albums, with 54794 tracks representing 1261 artists.

10,878 albums, 141,179 tracks from 3914 artists. All local.

I listen to complete albums at a time, start to finish.

I do on occasion, but maybe 3-4% of the time. (Unless it’s something like “Days of Future Past” when each song ties in with the next song, make the album more like one humongous song.

About 6200 albums with about 101100 tracks as local FLAC files, as indicated Logitech Media Server (most ripped from CDs); about 7660 albums with about 120280 tracks, as indicated by ROON => about 1560 albums with about 19180 tracks added from Tidal and Qobuz to ROON library

5900 Album / 98000 tTracks (flac & DSD)
all Local an NAS. No Tidal, no Qobuz

well i don’t know. 33000 is… more or less 90 per day in a year… or 9 per day in 10 years.
it’s much more than 10 years i’ve been listening to music… and today i’m used to work while i have music playing all day long…
so, hard, but not impossible.

in my library, only local tracks, 7300 albums, 105000 tracks.
my digital library is older than my roon subscription… i’m an ex-squeezebox user. so unfortunately i don’t have any realistic statistics about played albums… roon says 3500 played. there are some really not played albums… but most of them have been played before the roon change.