How many tracks do Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal and Qobuz have?

Apple Music: 75 Million
Spotify: 70 Million
Tidal: 60 Million
Qobuz: 50 Million

Source: Google

I think it’s easy to see why Apple going Lossless and High Res. is a pretty big deal.

Qobuz claims 70 million tracks on their website.

Still not as many as Apple, which is the point.

Google cannot be a source because this service presents data from other sources :face_with_monocle:

Marketing numbers are different to actual numbers and depend on definitions. I would be very surprised if Spotify does not have a bigger catalog than Apple; the question is how much of that is “useful” content or “rubbish”.


Marketing is Apple’s speciality.

Other numbers:
Spotify: Over 70 million (source Spotify)
Qobuz: Over 70 million (source Qobuz)
Apple Music: 70 million (source Apple Music)

Anyway, numbers like these are doubtful because they are part of marking strategies.

That’s an out of date source. They all offer over 70M tracks.

Spotify has over 70M tracks, which can range from 70,000,001 to 79,999,999. As the always report theirs in even numbers (50M, 60M, 70M) and are expected to exceed 90M by years end, I suspect that they are likely to have more than Apple. But why does it matter? They all offer more than anyone could listen too. At 3 minutes per track x 70M, that’s 400 years!

The numbers don’t matter. If a service has all the Songs/Albums you want to listen then even 10M is okay. And the numbers can’t solve the biggest problem streaming services have: They’re not allowed to add every song to their catalogs. And Albums/Tracks can disappear from their catalogs. For example the Band Made in Heights has vanished from every platform (even Bandcamp) and you can’t buy their music digitally anymore.