How much computer power is needed?

Ive been a Roon user for three years with 180K tracks, a great server running on my Mac Mini, 16GB ram and 1TB SSD with an external 8TB HD and NAS.
Im getting ready to migrate my 3-way fully active audio gear to Roon and its DSP Convolution module. It will migrate to 4-way 2 channel stereo —> 3-way stereo with 2 subwoofers running thru an 8 channel DAC with FIR filters loaded into Roon.

Is there a calculator or processing power rule of thumb for how much a CPU I will need to handle this new computational load?
Any advice is welcomed, articles, white papers

thanks everyone

Which DAC are you using? The new Topping DM7? Seems like a great device for this application.

I’m using an exaSound S88 DAC Streamer.
exaSound Audio Design > Products > s88 Streaming DAC.

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I can run convolution 3 way on a series 4 nuc i5, 8gb ram.
I use the Motu MK5 ultralite.

No issues at all up to 192k sampling.
I run equal taps to sample rate also.
Processing sits around 3/4x at 192k 24bit.

Just touching on the DM7…

The DM7 doesn’t seem to have a downloadable manual.
Looks good. It was only a matter of time.
I must say the 12v trigger out is very helpful. So is the 4v and 5v modes.
DSD support is nice, if you are in to DSD.

A few draw backs. No volume grouping across channels? Doesn’t seem to have individual channel fader control? (this can be helpful) Sampling rate control? Not an issue if the software is doing this…

The DM7 seems to need a driver for multichannel…
My Motu works driverless (class compliant) in recent Linux versions. No issue.

From Topping website:

Thanks for sharing your experience… good to know

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I don’t think, you will find a document, which tells you what you exactly need.
It depends on the OS, the sources (are you using also DSD?), the number of endpoints, the filters itself,…
Also we don’t can take a look into the future. Perhaps a Roon 2.x needs more horsepower or you’ll have in two years much more tracks or you’ll decide to use HQPlayer?

I would use for the core in your case a PC with 16-32 GB and a high speed (turbo) CPU like a current i9. If you don’t need a fanless system, then you don’t need to spend a lot of money.
Otherwise (I’m using a cirrus7 nimbus - preisgekrönter, lüfterloser mini-PC with a i9-12900T in the extreme cooling edition, 32 GB RAM, 2x8 TB SSDs + 1x512 GB SSD) you’ve to pay a little bit more…

Thank you Burhhardt… Ive downloaded HQPlayer but have not started using it, does that seem to have more capability, more options to ?
Im running an 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7 with 16Gb ram… Ill try it and see if there are issues . Do you use HQPlayer in stead of Roon?

thank you

Well, the Nucleus has an i3 in it.
That should be a clue.

Good point, can it handle a complex set of FIRs?

No, the “normal” nucleus is limited in using DSPs (especial in multichannel) and greater libraries.

At the moment I don’t use HQPlayer because I’ve a lot of different endpoints, but I’ve tested it on my system.

I’ve changed my core system (from a NAS with an i7 and 16 GB RAM to the PC described above), because one of my endpoints is mini PC with an exaSound e68 and here I’m upsampling multichannel sources to DSD256.
For this the i7 hadn’t enough power.
For resampling Roon uses maximal two cores and here each core should have high maximal frequencies (I’ve logged it while resampling and then the i9 runs with over 5 GHz).
HQPlayer on the other sides can use more cores and also a NVidia GPU.

Do you find any benefit upsampling PCM to DSD?
I personally find upsampled pcm just sounds different. Not better.

Looks nice.

The new compute i7/i9 from intel looks good also. Depends on processing required.
My Nuc series 4 does fine with “real music sampling rates.”
3way taps up to 192000 for my single music zone are no issue.

I have been running convolution with jRiver. I bought an old Lenovo M92p Core i5 and installe a DDS. It is a very low power PC but it can easily convolve two channels with a lot of taps. If the computer can not cope with the load then use less taps in the filters. I have tested a lot of filterdesign and you really need computing power only in the base region. 1k up can be done with 1000 taps. This just to give you some realworld experience. I’m also doing covolution on my Najad prosessor that has IIR and FIR (1000 taps) capability. In that setup I use a 2/4 basic MiniDSP to equalise 15” base drivers and two subbs.
So I don’t think you need any specialy fast prosessor computer.

Welcome to the channel
Thanks for your very specific input on where the taps are being used. I’ll keep that in mind when we get the new 8 channel DAC on line.