How much does the artists get at various streaming services

Looks like Qobuz for the win. They are paying four times as much per stream than some others such as Tidal and Apple.

Of course, if you get 100 times as many streams on Apple et al. than you do on Qobuz, that doesn’t help you much. Payout per stream times the number of streams is the really relevant metric.

For any given song, the user is going to stream it the same number of times though.

But as an artist you wouldn’t be so interested in how often one user streams it and how much payout you get for one stream, except if you were thinking about abstract morals.

If, say, Spotify has 1000 times the users of Qobuz and pays only 1/100 of what Qobuz pays per stream, you still get ~10x more out of Spotify, assuming no difference in what users choose on each platform (which may not be entirely true though)

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The artists do actually care how much per stream they make. Some such as Taylor Swift have even pulled their music from services like Spotify because of this.

Example: Taylor Swift: Why Taylor Swift Pulled Her Music From Spotify | TIME

I think that’s because they care about how much they make (or don’t make) from streaming overall. In the case of TS, who doesn’t need to care, it may be a way to exert pressure on the streaming company, and more power to her.

But I doubt that overall the artists say „I will only let Qobuz stream my music because I get 4 times as much per stream than on Apple, even if on Apple I get 40 times as many streams and hence 10 times as much money and 10 times as much reach“

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