How to add a higher-end streamer/dac into a sonos ecosystem

I have a bit of a unusual question. In my home I have a Sonos ecosystem. In the living room, a Sonos Connect is connected to my active Beolab 9 active speakers.

In the living room I would like to add a better Streamer/DAC into the system. This would allow my wife to continue using the Sonos setup for her use (mainly live radio), but also allow me to listen to a better quality setup when I like to do so.

I still haven’t found a way to do so, as I can only drive the Beolabs from one source. Are there any good Streamer/ DAC / preamps in the market that

  • can act as Roon endpoint
  • and have fully analog inputs to which I could connect the Sonos Connect without adding any delays?

Probably a straightforward question but very curious to learn more about your ideas and suggestions!

do you want automatic switching? Matrix Audio make some devices with Analogue inputs that are roon ready like the Mini i Pro 3 for manufactures site… its a model that has been replaced by a newer V2 unit now … the Element i2

Thank you Wizardofoz!
this is indeed what I am looking for. Roon Endpoint; Streamer; Dac; Pre-amp with analog in. I need to look into the Matrix Audio Mini-i Pro 3 a bit more.
As far as I can see, the Element i2 doesn’t have analog in, which is what I need.

Any other brands that offer the same time of connectivity?

element X2 | Music Streamer this one has input I think…RCA only too

more expensive tho… maybe chat with

Looks intresting indeed! Maybe a bit pricey. I need to look into this a bit more.
Anyone familiar with the NAD C658?

What input do they have?
You could install a simple switch left on Sonos for the wife and change the input for when you want higher quality.

In our front room we have a Sonos Beam on the TV and I tend to use that for live radio.

For HiFi I also use a Sonos Port, the output goes to my amp, but the digital output goes to my DAC then amp. But I’m OK with CD quality and at 62 just wanted a simple setup that provided flexibility of sources. Im not sure if i’m going to remove the DAC as its very hard to tell the difference in quality, you may spend more and not hear a change.

But a simple switch would allow you to connect whatever you want streamer/dac or separates.

Interesting option to look into a bit more.

I also tried to route the Sonos digital out into a DAC, but got into issues when playing multiroom in Sonos. The different sources didn’t play in sync anymore due to different latency on the external DAC.

Cambridge Cxn V2. Works perfectly for me. I use Sonos for CNN and Stream music with Roon/Quobuz.

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