How to add a SSD includes RoonServer in Synology NAS DS1517+ when all 5 HDD bays are used?

Hi Pals, I have a Synology DS1517+, all 5 bays in NAS have been used by tradition hdd. I saw the message in Roon that the Roon Core better to install in SSD due to my NAS is used Atom CPU.

Any suggestions you Guys can help me? Much appreciated.


If your NAS uses an Atom CPU, then this is below the minimum requirement for the CPU. Unless you have a tiny library (local files plus Qobuz/Tidal albums that you have added) performance is going to be poor, SSD or no SSD.


I ran fine on a DS1813+ and had no SSD but it was a full 8 drives too…speed was not stellar tho.

You can install on an SSD on the USB3 port (not a USB STICK, but a proper SSD) instructions are in the NAS installer page and follow along


Chipping in to say that the Atom performance is not bad at all. I’ve got my Roon core installed on a Synology 1817+ with the Roon DB on an attached USB SSD drive. This is with a rather large library of about 14k albums. Performance is definitely good enough with the 1-2 zones that I’m usually running simultaneously. Mostly 1 zone only, but then the Synology also handles upscaling to DSD64/128 or PCM768 well. I am sure there are snappier platforms to run the Roon core, but depending on the needs something like a Synology 1517+ can absolutely be good enough.