How to add albums artists linked to Roon's general metadata

how do you add albums’ artists so they are highlighted in blue and linked to the site’s metadata and not just dead names written in white?

Hi Jean Paul, unfortunately a present this is not possible … however enhanced metadata editing is on the roadmap.

Right now, the best way is to use the Identify feature (under the little Edit pencil) and try to match up the album to our database.

Right now, Roon lets you edit the display of your music, but links are not editable – this is coming, as @Carl mentioned.

If you match an album to our database and it’s not linking properly, definitely let us know.

On the other hand, if you are using an unidentified album (like many) you can indeed insert the Album Artist in the file tags and it will be blue and connect to other albums (identified and unidentified) by that artist.

Even with an identified album you can edit the tags and choose to use them, if you really really want that blue link.