How to add artist to Tidal Catalog from roon?

I’m new to roon, and I’ve searched all the buttons and toggles on an artist page and there doesn’t seem to be a way to add the artist to my Tidal Catalog. I’m only using roon with Tidal, so I’d like to keep my Tidal catalog up to date through roon.

Hopefully I can add and remove artists from my Tidal catalog through roon.

the only thing I found is the ability to add an album, but I think it’s just being added to roon, and not Tidal.


If you add an album to your library in Roon it then shows up in your Tidal app under Albums > My Collection (assuming your Tidal account is the same for both Roon and Tidal app).

I haven’t used Tidal for weeks, but opening the app up this morning shows me hundreds of new albums which I added using Roon and this method. It works flawlessly.