How to add HD WQXR 105.9 FM to Roon Radio?

A quick Google search came up with this list, but, I didn’t actually go to any of the websites to learn about their bitrates and streaming quality. It also doesn’t appear that this list may actually be classical music as you expect it, seems the algorithm must be misinterpreting the “classical” part to “classic” of various genres.


Here are some I like (don’t know about bitrates, but some of the URLs suggest MP3):

KDFC (San Francisco) -
KING (Seattle) -
KMFA (Austin) -
KUSC (Los Angeles) -
WQXR (New York; this started the thread) -
WGBH (Boston) -
Radio Swiss Classic (Basel; this is a favorite of mine) -

My personal favourite is the Finnish web radio station “Rondo Classic” .
They have several flac streams 16/44.1 (which is not really HD but clean CD quality):


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Check this page (scroll to the bottom) for a wide array of WQXR links. I regularly listen to New Sounds (new classical sister station to QXR) in Roon, and it’s a fantastic sounding, high bitrate stream.

I followed your link, found New Sounds at the bottom under WQSR, copied the link there. But I get an error when I try to add a station using that link. Here’s the link: .

What is the URL you employ?

I tried your second URL. Very good, high bit rate (ie, purple)!

Sorry for the delay. Here’s the link I use for New Sounds:

I’m not a regular QXR listener, but try removing the “q2” from the link above and see if that works. Oddly, New York Public Radio is stingy on bit rates other than New Sounds. Enjoy, and donate if you enjoy New Sounds.

Didn’t work, either way. Darn.

Still no higher resolution WQXR streaming link… :disappointed:

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