How to add HD WQXR 105.9 FM to Roon Radio?

My favorite radio station is WQXR 105.9 FM Classical Radio. I was able to add the station with Tunein:
In Roon, however, the streaming signal is of low quality. Does anyone have a link where I can get WQXR in high definition? I would appreciate it.
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I’ve used , but I cannot say if it’s better than what you have tried.

I tried the link and it does not work. Is there anything missing?

I’m actually listening to it now. The URL is what Roon said via Edit. Maybe you need to add as the website (distinct from the Streaming URL).

Still does not work.

I just added a second instance of the station, using the URL only. (By the way, something caused the description of the station to say “MP3.”)

Can you please copy and paste what you used exactly? None of these links are working for me.

Thank you for this link - it’s precisely my mood :slight_smile:

Did the URL finally work?

Uuugh… no, still not working. Check this out:

Really strange the result you get as I copied and pasted the link above to my Roon application and it found the station and fired right up. I added it via my iPhone app, then removed it and went and added it again on the PC where my core resides, same result it found and added it. Are you able to find and add other stations without issue?

Maybe there is a conflict of some kind because you have the tunein link already setup. Try taking out all instances of links to this station and then add it back in. This has to be a simple fix since others are able to add it easily via the link.

I tried adding the station and it worked fine for me even from New Zealand

As I mentioned above the link works fine for me, but, in checking about the source in Roon on the computer I see the stream is only 128kb, certainly not high quality. I am thinking the OP was hoping for something better than this stream rate.

Yes. I am looking for a higher definition stream rate. I sent an email to WQXR and hopefully they will be able to help me.

I spent a few moments on their webpage this morning out of curiosity looking for a higher bitrate. I checked out all of their FAQ and help screens, they had a press release from 2009 where they mentioned increasing their streaming rate from 32KB to 128KB nothing since. I’m thinking you may find a 128 is as good as it gets.

How can I know that my Tunein link is 128kb?

I just added this station ( my first Internet radio station ) and it worked the first time. I checked Roon’s Signal Path and I’m getting a low quality stream ( MP3 44.1 kHz 24bit 2ch 127 kbps ) like everyone else.


Is there a Classical radio station that has high resolution streaming?

David, make sure that you do not have a space before the URL that you are pasting when adding a radio station. If there is a space it can cause the radio station to not be found.