How to add metadata to local files


I’ve reviewed the help pages on metadata and I can’t figure out a few things.

  1. How can I tag credits on my files so that Roon reads them? For example, I have a Smashing Pumpkins bootleg and I want to add a credit for Billy Corgan as the lead singer. From what I read in the two links below, I thought I had to add a field titled PERSONNEL and value “Billy Corgan - Lead Vocals”, but I’ve tried with dBpoweramp and it doesn’t work. Is that not the right way?
  1. Is there a way to add recording start and end dates, to mark the album as live and to mark the album as a bootleg in the metadata that Roon will interpret correctly and display accordingly?

Er, yes it does work with dBpoweramp. You can create the PERSONNEL field and add a value to it.

On your question nr. 2
A) You can add the ‘recording start and end dates’ in the same way as the PERSONNEL field, but Roon does not pick these up (as far as I have been able to test)
The values are however availble Roon, so you can edit these manually in either ‘Edit Album’ of on a per track basis ‘Edit Track’

B) In my opinion, it is best to use VERSION to add your Bootleg tag.
You can do it the same way as the PERSONNEL tag in dBPoweramp
Create a custom tag VERSION and enter the value Bootleg.
Here is an example of a fake bootleg

Thank you for your help @Geoff_Coupe. What I meant is that Roon was not picking up the changes, but I see now that something went wrong in dBpoweramp when trying to update multiple files at once. I have now tried one file at a time, it saves correctly and Roon picks it up.

In conclusion, I’m not sure what is failing on the dBpoweramp side, because I often do updates on multiple files at a time without issues, but Roon is definitely working as expected.

Thank you @Dirk_De_Taey. The reason I prefer metadata to marking it directly in Roon is that it may come in handy in the future to have the info on the actual files if I move out of Roon or restart my database (which I recently had to do), but if Roon does not pick up those fields, I’m OK just marking it in Roon. Not a big deal.

And thank you for the tip on using the “version” field. I’ll play around with that!

I also edit metadata for each purchased album.
But I try to keep it within limited boundaries, so I would never tag fields such as Start & End Recording dates, as it would never stop :slight_smile:

For classical, someone recently recommended Tag Editor Lite and it works perfectly with Roon. It has all the necessary fields (Work, Part) and it also has a menu to add metadata fields for other genres. The free version lets you save 3 tracks at a time, but for a small fee you can save unlimited tracks at the same time.

N.B. The app is available for Mac…I’m not sure about its availability for PC.

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I correct myself again. There were no issues with dBpoweramp either; it was me all along. I was adding a separate PERSONNEL tag for each credit. But it should be one single tag including a line for each credit or separated by ;. For example:

Jeff Schroeder - Guitar
Jimmy Chamberlin - Drums


Jeff Schroeder - Guitar; Jimmy Chamberlin - Drums

Hopefully my mistake helps someone else searching for the same thing in the future.

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