How to add missing artist artwork

I know I can manually add it, but thinking it may be better to add elsewhere to contribute to the community. Is this possible and where would I need to upload them? If I do this, will it automatically add to my Roon library after uploading?

I upload album covers on and they appear in Roon library about a week after their approval!

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What about artist artwork? Also from

When they appear a week later in Room, do they appear in your library or do you need to update it manually by scanning the album again?

I’ve been playing around a bit more and am still not sure what and where Roon pulls artwork related to artists. Is it one or several? Is it background or thumb? etc. Where can I add artwork online to expand Roon for all users?, MBZ, others? Is this somewhere documented? @support

I think they would appear automaticaly, but in case you can re-identify the album to update images.
Artists’ images that appear in my library are only those under background section of

Thanks. Are you sure about just reflectig background? Where do the “thumbs” come from? Any other database where I can add artist thumbs?

I think thumbs come from AllMusic, but only if there isn’t a background photo of that artist on Fanart. No other ways to contribute with images that I know of!

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