How to add Naim Uniti Core to network

My Naim Uniti Core has disappeared from my network.I have a Nucleus Plus system with several end points.The Naim is used for ripping and storing CDs.
How can I restore the link so I can access the ripped CDs on the Uniti Core ? They are ripped in FLAC.

Does the Naim app find the Uniti Core under its Server input?

The only mention of Roon I can find in the Naim app is under Share Scanning.
It says “choose which shared network drive should be automatically scanned for music


I did not ask that. The Uniti Core has a built-in UPnP server. The server is normally visible if you go to the Server input in the Naim app, and that’s what you use to play music in a Naim system.

My purpose of asking whether you see this server in the Naim app was to ascertain whether the Uniti Core works in principle and is visible on the network at all. It has to be, else Roon can’t find it either.

Sorry,I can’t find any mention of the server input in the Naim/Focal app.I’ve looked into every option in settings.

In settings on the Roon app there is a Storage section.
Under Folders there is an IP address \music beneath which it states :-
“This drive is not available.Check the drive or edit this folder if it’s been moved.”
Might this have been the Uniti Core when it was connected ?

As you start the naim app you should get “Rooms” showing

Then a Home screen with a “Severs” icon


Click that and your server should show up …

Have you rebooted the Uniti Core , unplug wait 30 seconds then repower ?

@Robert_Moxom as in @Mike_O_Neill’s screenshot above, but if you don’t see Server there, it may be turned off in the Input settings. In this case go to the settings (:gear: icon top right) and then input settings to enable the input

The Server input in the Naim app will be seen if you have a Naim streamer that it controls. When the app is controlling a server directly (i.e. the Core) you will not see it. You just find the Core in the ‘Rooms’ screen and select it.

Hi Mike,
My Rooms page has only the Uniti Core listed.
I have found a network scan feature.
It detected two Naim devices listed ad Unknown Device and Customer’s Phone.
It then lists fifteen other devices with their IP addresses.One has Elac listed which must be my Elac wireless speaker.
Connection quality is listed as great in all but three which are moderate (two) and poor (one).
I did see that the Uniti Core is connected to my BT Hub router.
There is an ethernet connection from the router to the Roon Nucleus,the Uniti Core and a Squeezebox Transporter.
Does this help at all ?

I can’t see an option in Settings to allow access to server.

Using the fing app to scan my network,the Uniti Core is listed on the devices list along with the Nucleus Plus.

You don’t, if I have understood properly, have a Naim streamer, so this whole Server input thing is a red herring. As long as your Core is in visible the Naim app that’s all you need to consider.

Ok, I guess I shouldn’t have assumed that you have a Naim streamer but it’s the only reason I saw for having a Uniti Core

But OK, if it’s visible in fing it should be alive and online. I did go by “My Naim Uniti Core has disappeared from my network”, but it seems it has not.

Then, though, I don’t know why disappeared from Roon, sorry. Did you use its IP address to access it from Room and did the IP address for the Uniti Core change on the router?

It is unusual to use a Uniti Core as just a cd ripper and NAS. The reason I did this is I had previous bad experience with RipNas and ZoneRipper and wanted a more reliable machine and I wanted to stream to Squeezebox devices which UnitiCore would not do.
I’ll explore the IP addresses to see if something’s changed since it was first set up.

Dear Chris,
Yes.The Nucleus and the Uniti Core are both present on the network.I just need to get them to link up.The Nucleus needs to use the Uniti Core as a NAS.It was working at one point so I know it’s possible.