How to add ssd in aries mini to NAS core?

I am testing roon. Installed it on a synology 1815+ NAS with 8gb main mem. I have a auralic aries mini with a 1tb ssd. Full of music. Can roon add that music to its db without copying the music files? And if so will the music data be transferred to the nas and back go the aries mini, or will the musiv data be drawn from the ssd directly internally.

Hi, Roon will not move your music, you only need to add your music location to Roon-Settings-Storage. Roon simply reads all the files located in your storage areas then builds a database of these files, no music will be altered or moved.

As @Scotav says, add the disk in the storage settings in roon. I believe the aries mini allows guest access to the drive by default; if it doesn’t work off the bat, try username and password ‘guest’

Yes it will. All playback is handled by Roon core, but don’t worry. Even a 100mbps link would be plenty for both ways.