How to alter the numbers order? [Re-ordering Playlist by Artist, Answered]

I prefer the artist alignment instead of numbering. But when playing Roon plays by numbers. Can I reset or change the numerical order and keep the same artist’s tracks together?
Thanks for any help.

Can you provide more context? Are you referring to a playlist you built in Roon, or something else?

Yes, that´s what i´m talking about.
When i add tracks to my playlists, randomly, each track has a number. To put all the same artists together the sequence is altered.
I´g like to alter that, to keep all the tracks of the same artist together.
I hope you understand me, sorry.
Thanks for your support,


Hi Rogerio,

In the Playlist view if you click the Artist column Roon will reorder the Playlist alphabetically by Artist. You can toggle between ascending or descending order.

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Yes that´s true, but when playing the playlist the order is numerical and not alphabetical.jumping from one artist (album) to another by the order we add the track to the playlist.
That´s why i´d like to know how to change the numerical order.


Ah, I see. I don’t think you can currently tell Roon to reorder from within the Playlist view to match the current view. Sounds like it might be a good Feature Request.

At the moment the best workaround I can see is to view the Tracks by Artist, then select all Tracks and add them to a new Playlist. The new Playlist will then have Tracks numbered in the order of the view by Artist. You can delete or retain the original Playlist as you prefer.

I didn’t know this until trying it out for you, so thanks for helping me learn !

This KB article might help in understanding more about Playlists generally.

Thank you,
I think I’ ll keep this way (I have a couple of hundreds tracks) and wait for a future update.
Thanks again for the support.


You can select all tracks in a Playlist with two clicks, you don’t have to click each track. It just takes a few clicks and naming a new Playlist to get what you want as follows:

  • View by Artist

  • Select first Track (right click or long press)

  • Select All (top left menu)

  • Click the topmost 3 dot menu, choose Add to Playlist

  • Click Create Playlist at the foot of the Playlist selection window

  • Name the new Playlist and click Create

Enjoy !

The only tricky part is in the fourth step, make sure to use the topmost of the two three dot menus. The top three dot menu will shift the selected tracks in the order they currently appear on screen and renumber them, the bottom three dot menu will shift the contents of the playlist retaining original numbering and ordering.

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