How to assign tracks to a composition

I have two recordings of Beethoven String Quartet No1 op. 18-1.
One recording was correctly recognized and the 4 tracks are assigned to the composition “String Quartett No. 1 in F major, Op. 18/1” Composed 1798-1800.

However the second recording is assigned to a more generic composition without the Composed year.

How can I assign the 4 tracks from the 2nd recording to refer to the correct composition so that I can see that there are 2 recordings?

Thanks in advance and my apologies if this is a stupid question. I am a Roon new and searched quite a while in the knowledge base without finding a solution

Instead of assigning the tracks you could merge the two compositions into the one you want to keep.

Select the two compositions, then “Merge” should become available:

(the other composition I selected in the example was off screen)

Then select the merge target:

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Thanks a lot. That was the perfect answer to my question

…But it is a pretty cumbersome way of sorting things if you have a huge collection.

I heard something about Roon Articifial Intelligence engine? Not?

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