How to bookmark my Tidal jazz albums

I’m hopefully being stupid here but I can’t see a way of sorting by genre the Tidal albums that I’ve added to my library

Focus doesn’t work - I can identify all Tidal albums but not their genres.

Advice please,…,…

Hi Phil. You are half way there. Once you have a focus on tidal, you can focus again and this focus will be just on the already focused Tidal subset, click on Genre and then click on Jazz. this will give you all the Tidal and Jazz albums. Then just click on the bookmark feature and make “Tidal Jazz”.

Note, while you are at the genre step, you can quickly switched between focused genres while still maintaining the Tidal focus.


Only problem is I have no genres showing against my Tidal albums. I’d paste a screenshot of it but can’t work out how :slight_smile:


Hi Phil,

Do you have Genres extracted from File Tags set to Yes and Genres from Roon’s metadata database set to No in Settings > Library > Import Settings?

If so, you are responsible for tagging for local music files with Genres and also adding Genres to any album you add from Tidal.

Cheers, Greg


I do indeed. I’ve switch Genres from Room to yes which seems to be doing the trick

Thanks, Phil

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I am also a jazz fan, and find Roon’s genre labels sometimes inaccurate. I have therefore created my own system of tags which match the way I think - for instance I categorise “Britjazz” and “Scandijazz” separately. The beauty of the tags are that I can tag all my music: stuff on my NAS as well as Tidal: the same way. It was a fair bit of work doing it, but it pays off.

I do similar, it is more than a fair bit of work, but I found an efficiency trick for the nationality case. Albums do not inherit nationality from artists, but they do inherit tags from artists. So I go into Artists, Focus on the Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish and Icelandic Artists, Select All, and tag them Nordic.

Then I can set up a bookmark for albums with the Nordic tag and the Jazz genre.

I need to refresh this tagging to address new artists I have added, every few weeks.

Note that this works for all credited artists, not just the Primary Artist. For example, Oscar Peterson’s trio shows up under Nordic jazz, because of Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen.

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I was only using jazz as an example, although I do have an awful lot of jazz in my collection. Courtesy of growing up with my best mate Derek, who is now a very accomplished jazz saxophonist here in the UK. He’s now playing with a lot of the people we used to listen to when we were growing up.

And I did think of the tagging solution but frankly life is too short!!:grin::grin:

Yes, manual tagging is too much work.
In this case, I used tags just as a technique to propagate nationality from artist to album, and it involved no manual tagging, that was the point.
That said, @Danny has hinted that they are looking to a user interface rethink that would, among other things, address this issue — in a general way, not as a solution to the nationality issue.