How to bypass the MAC OS Mixer

From Roons Help Site:

OS Mixer Output
While the Mac software mixer does not do anything too gross, it might be performing software-based volume adjustments or sample rate conversion before playing the audio. As such, we can’t guarantee that the output quality is lossless, so we label it as “High Quality”.

Is there a way to turn this off, or failing that, bypass the OS mixer?

Mac=>Roon=>Schiit Bifrost2=> Asst. Headphone Amps


How is your Schiit Bifrost2 connected to the Mac?

Can you not select and enable the DAC directly as a zone from Roon’s setting/devices page?

Hi! Thanks for your quick response. I have it connected via usb. Is there a setup step I’m missing?. I’m away from home now, but can send you a couple screen shots showing how I’ve connected everything.


Thanks! Heading home. Will try this then

worked like a charm! thanks so much.

Have a great weekend



Does this allow me to bypass the MacOS mixer and would native DSD work?

(MacBook into a DAC that supports DSD).
I’m currently using a raspberry pi 4 and it works fine that way but I’m looking into a desktop setup next.

Mac OS doesnt support native DSD only DoP .