How to Change DNS Server Setting on Rock

I long ago re-set my DNS server to on my 8000P Nighthawk router, and I have rebooted and power cycled both router and Rock, but my DNS setting on the Rock is still

Can anyone direct me to the solution to this issue? That value is not editable on the web interface. (ROCK/local) Thx.

Set it in the web interface:

If you’re set to DHCP, it’s getting it from there.

Thanks mike. When I select my ROCK through Roon, it takes me to the standard web interface, where it shows I have set it to DHCP. But the DNS is still at odds with the router settings shown below:

And the ROCK interface won’t allow me to edit:

John, as your Rock is set to DHCP, its getting the DNS setting from there. The Rocks DNS setting ( is pointing to your router which is The router is caching requests and querying and per your settings. This is actually wrong, as the correct secondary address is, but this won‘t break things - fix it though :slight_smile:

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The address of your router ( Gateway ) is and things are as they should be. Your ROCK gets it address ( ) from your router via DHCP and DHCP also hands out your router’s address as the DNS server address for everything on your network. This allows you to update the DNS servers on your router as you have done and every device on your network will automatically end up using them without any reconfiguration on your part.


That was the missing link of info. Got thrown off by the use of the router address. Many thanks. [As you can no doubt tell, networking remains a dark art to me.]

The correct secondary DNS address is, not

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