How to change public/external/WAN IP address (ARC communication)

You will need to acces your routers settings and either enable UPnP or manually input a port forwarding rule.

If you post make and model of the router, the Room community and/or Room Support can assist more. Any further details regarding network setup would also help in case something is obvious.

I want to manually enter a port forwarding rule. I already have internal network communication defined. I need to define an external IP - but I don’t know where / how to enter this IP

My network is defined by Microtik RouterOS v6.44.2 (stable)
I am enclosing a defined NAT for Roon

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I can see you have the Protocol as TCP. Can you change this to BOTH?

You shouldn’t need to define an external IP.
I’m not familiar with Mikrotik but this may help.
YouTube · MikroTik
How to port forward on MikroTik - YouTube

You should not need an external ip unless you want to limit the access to the port to a specific ip address. This would not work for ARC as you will get different ip address depending on how you are connected to the internet. It’s never a fixed address, normally it would be set to any it is in my config, you will need to look it up for your router.

Hey @Piotr_Stefanczyk,

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I wanted to check in on this thread to see if you were still running into issues getting Arc squared away?

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