How to check CPU temperature?

I have an i3 NUC running ROCK in a fanless case. I know ROCK is not providing a resource monitor itself, but the NUC is also connected to my TV set through the HDMI port. When I check the TV I see the black screen saying that Roon is running.
Is there a specific command to check temperature while ROCK is running?

hand on case…seriously this has been asked for before…by me and others and Danny has said it is not going to happen.

You can load Windows or Linux, install Roon Server and then easily monitor CPU temp during Roon’s most demanding DSP.

This allows you to check if the fanless build was done well.

Then you can re-install ROCK and not worry again.

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hi folks
thanks for your feedback, I am not going to install another OS just to test this. I will assume (or pretend) it’s all working well :slight_smile:

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Haha I forgot to state the obvious but you worked it out - it is indeed a huge pain in the a$$ to go through. But I sleep better now with knowing at least :grin:

I started with Server versions of Ubuntu before spending a sizeable chunk of time with Windows during which time I looked at performance with Roon extensively. By the time ROCK came out I was confident everything worked well within acceptable limits.

thanks for the idea, however the processor sits at the bottom of the NUC so I should pull it out from my set up to measure the case temperature.
I’ll keep pretending it’s alright. At the end of the day it is a i3 processor and I am not working with any heavy load other than some MQA conversion and Multi - Room

So I should be good with the processor temperature
thanks everyone !

Does ROCK shut down when it gets too hot? If so, that would give me all the feedback about temp that I need.

depends on the hardware… a NUC, yes.

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