How to checks DNS on my Pi when installing Roipeee?

In the install instructions it says the Pi needs to be connected to the internet and to check DNS settings…how do I check them on the Pi?

Which brings me to my other question…do I need to hook up a monitor to install Roipeee? Reading the instructions it seems not but if I need to check DNS settings then surely I do.


No need to check anything. Just plug it in, sit back for 10 minutes or and point your browser to ropieee.local

Just make sure it’s connected to (wired) internet.

Good luck!

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You don’t need a monitor to install or use RoPieee. It has a webpage to configure it.
For installation you need to hook up your RPi to the network with an ethernet cable and power it up. After a while you can find it in the list of connected devices in your router with an IP-address. RoPieee is setup to receive dynamically an address from your router. When you enter that IP-address in your browser you will go to the web page of RoPieee.

Edit. Harry’s reply was just a bit faster but also a lot shorter :sweat_smile:

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Thanks both! Good news. My first foray into RiPi and Roon.

You know this has made me realise that Roon is quite egalitarian in that it allows a £60 endpoint and open source thinking but also 5k endpoints if you are so inclined… I’m impressed.
I will sign up after my trial ends if this works.

Thanks again.


WOW that was sooo easy.

Thank you Harry, amazing work!