How to choose to play from My Library instead of Tidal?

I have my own music files on an attached (and ‘watched’) hard drive, and I have Tidal.
On the left navigation panel, I can choose Tidal, and I go there and that’s fine.

But how can I choose to play music from my library? I don’t see it.

Thank you from a dumb user.


In the same panel, Albums/Artists/Tracks/Etc. give access to your local library + albums your added from Tidal with the ‘Add to library’ button (or favourited in the Tidal app).

If you using a phone for remote, press ‘More…’ at the bottom of the panel to reveal the browsing options.

OK - so when I select Album, for example, that is specifically looking at my local library (plus anything I have downloaded from Tidal, which is none so far)? So Album Browser is not looking at Tidal, just my local?

No so much downloaded from Tidal as added from Tidal. Roon has a feature that allows Tidal albums to be added to your library way as if they were present as local files (Add to library or Favourite in Tidal app). These behave like local albums, but are streamed from Tidal when played. You can recognise the by the small Tidal logo on the cover.

When you select ‘Albums’, all albums from your local library + albums that you specifically added from / favourited in Tidal are shown. The ‘TIDAL’ menu item gives access to the whole of Tidal.

Got it - and I did just notice that little Tidal logo on the album cover.

Thank you very much - understand it now.

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Can you tell me how Roon Radio will pull only from my library?