How to chose DAC & headphone Amp in order to getting the best from Roon technology

I just bought very nice headphone Focal Utopia. I would like advice on choosing an DAC & amp that will allow me to get the best from my new headphones. I am looking for hardware Roon ready or Roon tested which give me ability to listen Qobuz in best conditions. I looked at several products in a very wide price range ( Chord Hugo TT2, iFi Pro IDSD Signature, iFi Audio NEO IDSD, Focal Arche, Naim Uniti Atom, Topping DX5, Matrix Audio mini-i pro 3) but they are not all specified Roon ready or Roon tested and I can’t know if they can go well with Roon. Many thanks in advance for all yours suggestions and opinions.

@Marc_Rzeznicki - Oh that is a difficult question.

I am quit happy with my Topping G5. Great DAC :slight_smile:

Just install the drivers and one is ready to use Roon

I use it as a desktop and mobile.



PS: There is a new firmware out - make sure to install it in case …

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I recommend strongly finding a vendor who will let you try before you buy.

What sounds best is almost entirely subjective. Do you like the ES chips or AKG? Tube/Valve or solid state? Welcome to the wormhole of audio.

Pick what makes you smile most.

I have various amps/dacs I swap around frequently because I am fickle.

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@MamaTried ~ Your not alone :flushed::wink:

Thank you. Isn’t easy to make a choice. I will attend the coming video show and will try to listen diffrents headphone amplifiers.

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