How to Clear Skipped Files once issue is Resolved

As per the title, I could not find how to clear entries on the skipped files list.

I think they get cleared automatically, once the issue is resolved. I had a number of I/O errors occur during the addition of a DSD album. Once I redid the file copies, the list got cleared.

I have Roon watching my iTunes folder and when I use the “add to iTunes option in XLD” when ripping a CD I get an I/O error for every track, however, the tracks are added correctly to Roon. So it would be nice to be able to clear these.

P.S. Should have said that in the above iTunes & Roon are running while I do the rip with XLD.

P.P.S. Just discovered that if I restart Roon then the errors are cleared from the skipped files list.

Actually, I had to restart RoonServer to get the errors to clear. Hmm.