How to combine different album in box set?


I got one box sets and contains 75 discs and Roon identify all as 75 albums. How to i combine all together at one album? If i use the group tracks and it will show as disc 1 to disc 75. Is this the only way i can do?

Highlight them all.
Merge albums.

But you need to make sure your folder names and/or tags are sensible in advance otherwise you’ll likely have a lot of reorganising to do.

Hi. For you information. this 75 albums got different album title and all album is identified by roon. Will your suggested method clear all identified?

You can either have:

  • each disk treated as a separate album (the current position); or

  • each disk treated as a part of a single compilation album.

In the latter case if Roon has metadata for the box set then you will see that, not the metadata for each separate album.

Make a backup of your database and then merge them, if you don’t like the result restore from your backup.

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I use tag at the moment. Because it’s complicated when merge 75 albums in one album. It will lost the identify from roon.

I tried merging with the Sony white box “Riccardo Muti conducts Italian Masters.” It almost worked. I had hoped that, after merging, the metadata found for the individual albums would be inserted into the disc data for the components of the box. But composer information was not displayed in the usual way. And looking in “Credits” for composers gave all of them for the box, decoupled from compositions.


It doesn’t currently work like that. If you merge into a box like that you will only get full metadata if Roon has it for the box as a box.

Ludwig is right

If each disc in the set was released as an album in its own right then it may work

Try renaming the folders to CD1 - Album Name 1 etc

On import if there is anything after CD1 Roon will see it as a separate album and try to ID it

If you leave it as CD1 , bare Roonwill try to ID the whole set

If you are going to try this, remove the master folder,Clean up library , and reimport it will force a re ID I find this helps

I just did the 75 Julian Bream set with some ( not much ) success

Classical metadata is a mess of note


While a merging procedure would be less than ideally convenient, it’s nearly working. I saw a good deal of extra information not in my tags. Unfortunately, it’s unacceptable to omit display of the composers. I think it could be fixed.

Does it help if you tell Roon to show the Composers “always”?

Yes! Thanks.
Of course, my music system OCD (like that of many here) tells me that I’d prefer to display only classical composers.

My advice in these cases is always to add Classical genre to the album - which makes Composers automatically come forward - rather than use the “bring forward more composers” option. The latter option I find simply too crude. I don’t necessarily want to see the composer credits in all repertoire.


That worked too. It seems that the merge stripped away more than I realized at first. The genres were originally identified as “Classical” by Roon, and the FLAC files were tagged “Classical” by me. But all that disappeared after the merge.

If your own Genre tags aren’t visible then there’s a setting wrong.